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The Wedding Soundtrack
It's Your Wedding Day Recorded To Compact Disc!

Here's a special keepsake that will last as long as your love for each other...Your Own Personalized Wedding Soundtrack Compact Disc!


You have three options for preserving the feel, mood, activities and music of your wedding day.  Option #1 is commit it to memory.  This method is the least reliable and will probably begin to falter after a couple drinks or years.  Option #2, you could hire a professional videographer and pay 2 - 3 thousand dollars to create a movie of your day.  Or Option #3, you could have us record one of our now legendary Wedding Soundtracks.  We'll record all of the joy and laughter that was your wedding day and preserve these memories on a customized compact disc.  And you'll save between 2 -3 thousand dollars over the cost of a wedding video.  Not bad.

Your wedding day seems like it will never arrive, but in hindsight, it will have flashed by seemingly in an instant!  When it's over, all that will remain are some fond memories and a few photographs.  We offer a better way to preserve the feelings that you felt on your wedding day...introducing The Wedding Soundtrack. 

Over the rest of your lives, as you and your spouse sit back to view your wedding album together, imagine how much more enjoyable it would be to add sound to the special moments that you see in the photographs.  Now you can!


NH Wedding DJs MA Maine Disc Jockey


Pete Chambers DJ Entertainment will record all of the unique events from your wedding reception like; the wedding party introductions, the blessing, the toasts, the cake cutting, etc. and your special songs; the First Dance, the Father-Daughter Dance, the Mother-Son Dance, the Wedding Party Dance, the Last Dance, dance music and any other special moments that should be included.  If we are present for the wedding ceremony, that will also be recorded. 


NH Wedding DJs MA Maine Disc Jockey


  CLICK HERE to listen to Francisco & Nancy's Wedding Ceremony 
  CLICK HERE to listen to Daniel & Caitlin's Wedding Ceremony
  CLICK HERE to listen to Brendan & Amanda's Wedding Ceremony
  CLICK HERE to listen to Viktor & Alena's Wedding Ceremony

Your Wedding Soundtrack will be unobtrusively and discretely recorded without the use of the bright lights that videographers need, which is especially beneficial at night-time receptions.  Each disc is professionally and meticulously recorded, edited and custom-labeled.  Imagine, your wedding day Digitally Preserved Forever on Compact Disc and done most affordably, usually for about one-tenth of what a professional videographer would request. 


Superior Technical Quality

If you have ever watched the typical wedding video, either on tape or even DVD, you'll notice that the sound quality is usually "washed out".  This is because the sound is being recorded from across the room on a camera-mounted microphone.  After the sound reverberates around the room it finally reaches its destination and thus the less than stellar sound is the result.  The Wedding Soundtrack however, is recorded "direct to circuit", meaning that the entire disc is recorded internally from component to component.  Not only is the music in stereo, but anytime anyone has something to say, they do so with one of our pro-quality microphones, so the results are crisp, clear and "up close".   


The technical skills that our Radio DJs have acquired over the years in radio commercial production is put to good use here as we present to you a professionally edited and polished product.  It's also important to point out that the sound quality of a CD is digital and won't degrade over time.  Additional copies may be made for relatives and friends.  Ask for details. 


Recordings digitally edited and enhanced for better sound!


 Sample Tracks

Here are some typical tracks that you could hear on a Wedding Soundtrack CD.  To accommodate the web, these tracks have been edited and the file sizes reduced, so what you'll hear is a bit less than CD quality.  Your Wedding Soundtrack will have additional, complete and full sound quality tracks.

(The Play Buttons on these audio files may not show on all browsers)



Wedding Party Intro (Puttin' On The Ritz)


Wedding Party Intro  (Boston Sports Intro)


Wedding Party Intro  (Hip Hop Style)


Wedding Party Intro  (Another One Bites The Dust)




Centerpiece Giveaway


Cake Cutting


The Groom Sings To The Bride


Bride & Groom Trivia


Groom's Dedication To His Father


Bride's Dedication To her Father


First Dance Introduction


Guests Sing Sweet Caroline!


Last Dance And Goodbye


Bride & Groom Say "Goodnight"


How Our Functions Usually End...Wanting More


Venue Uplighting
Click Here to see how we can transform your venue into
something unique & beautiful!



Create Your Own DVD and Save Big $...


You can save a lot of money while still preserving your wedding memories, if you're willing to supply a little elbow grease, but really it's a labor of love.  Many brides have taken their wedding photographs from the photo disc provided by their professional photographer and created a slide show on their computer.  That's nice, but let's add some pizzazz to the show!  Combine those photos with the audio from your customized Wedding Soundtrack CD and, Voila!  A quick, simple and cost effective "movie" of your wedding day complete with digital sound is the result.  And for a few pennies each, copies of the production can be easily burned at home in DVD format and given as gifts.  The quality if fabulous and can save you $2,000 or more by eliminating the need for a professional videographer. 


Use Your Imagination...


Our brides have gotten creative in their use of the Wedding Soundtrack.  One of the best uses is to make your own wedding slide show.  Simply take the still photos of your wedding and set-up a slide show on your computer, then add the high-quality sound of the Wedding Soundtrack and Voila!  An inexpensive wedding video that preserves the look and feel of your wedding day. 



Here's how a few Wedding Soundtracks were used...


Brenda told me that she had sent a copy of it to her brother who was stationed in Japan and not able to attend the wedding.  He was thrilled! 


Kathy treated her 98 year old grandmother to quite a spectacle.  She drove to the nursing home where her grandmother lived and put on her wedding gown in the parking lot.  Then she surprised her grandmother in her full bridal attire and played the ceremony and reception highlights to her on a boom box.  I wonder if she saved Grammy a piece of wedding cake too? 

What do our clients think about their Wedding Soundtrack?

My wife and I were able to get CD's that captured our wedding start to finish (to my knowledge Pete Chambers is the only DJ offering this excellent service). We listened to the CD with beaming smiles as we got to sit back and listen to our vows, first dance, and so much more. It is such a wonderful keepsake for such a memorable day.


Zachary & Larissa Manning, Nashua, NH



"When I heard the Wedding Soundtrack I cried and cried!  It was very special."

Heather & Michael Hice, Richmond, VA




"Our Wedding Soundtrack was so special.  I was able to play it (in my wedding gown!) for my 98 year old grandmother who could not attend.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!"


Kathy and Jason Townsend - Dover NH



"The Wedding Soundtrack is awesome!! Thanks so much!  It brought back some wedding memories that I had completely forgotten about.  Thanks again for doing such a great job!!"


Justin & Rachel Boynton, Byfield, Massachusetts  


"Thanks for all of your help with the wedding. We both love the wedding soundtrack-it is really special that you managed to capture our friends all singing on Sweet Caroline as well as The Way You Look Tonight. We will cherish both of those songs for a lifetime."


Alisson and Mike Kolodner - Bainbridge Island, WA


"The Wedding Soundtrack CD is the best thing that I ever bought. I came home from my honeymoon and it was like the day never happened. I had no pictures, no video yet and I was really sad. I was going through my mail and there were 3 CDs of my wedding day. It had my ceremony, all my special dances, toast and songs from my wedding. I listen to it all the time. It is a very special memory that I'm glad that I have! Thanks for doing it!"

Michael & Dawn Boudros - Billerica, MA


"Pete, we loved the Wedding Soundtrack, it's certainly worth the investment. You should encourage all of your clients to have one recorded, again, it's a great investment!" 


Paul & Donna Pellegrino - Dover, NH


"We haven't heard anything but positive reviews of our wedding day. The Wedding Soundtrack CDs are terrific! I really like having it in our collection of "memorabilia". It's different than a video, where we don't have to look at people's butts, back of heads and weird lighting, yet we have the audio and no one was pressured to say anything. Thank you!"


David & Laura Summer - Brighton, MA


"Thanks so much for sending the CDs out so quickly - they are GREAT!!!!! We are so thrilled to have such a "live" memory of the day's most special moments. Lee and I were nearly brought to tears knowing that we have his grandfather's story of their 73+ years of marriage, in his own words. That moment will never be forgotten! Also, we're so happy that you were able to include the three ceremony songs - again, hearing that music reminds us of what a truly magical day we experienced! We've listened to the CD (both actually) several times already and enjoy having the ability to relive all the emotions of that phenomenal day! We will treasure it always!"

Wendy & Lee Despres - Chichester, NH



"We listen to our wedding soundtrack CD all the time - what an amazing keepsake to have!!! We expected you to put our songs together as a nice memento, but when we returned from our honeymoon and listened to our CD we were blown away!  To have my fatherís speech and the best manís toast recorded in their own voices is something that is absolutely priceless, and will be one of my most treasured memories forever. Generations of our family will enjoy it!"

Erin and Jim Quealy - Dracut, MA



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