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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about our music & planning...

11. Can you provide music for my wedding ceremony?

12. What kind of music do you have?  What happens if there is a song we want that you don't have?

13. Who selects the music at my affair and do you take requests?

14. Is all of the music in your library listed on your website?

15. Can I supply my own CDs or MP3s for you to play?

16. How many dance songs may I request?

17. May we select the music for the introduction of the wedding party?

18. Can you help me to plan my function? 

19. Do you provide a Master of Ceremonies for our event?


Questions about our equipment...

20. What kind of sound systems/equipment do you use?
Can you supply a light show for the dance floor?
Do you offer Karaoke?

23. Do you have party props?

Other questions...
24. How do the DJs dress?
Does the "contracted time" include equipment set up, travel, etc?
Can we purchase additional time at the end of the event?
Can you offer any tips or advice?
Do we need to provide anything special for you?

29. Questions to ask your venue.


1. Do you have a video we can see?

We do offer a Company Profile Video on the Home Page of this website.  It will give you the basic idea of where we're coming from.  We'll be shooting more videos as time goes on.  


More than just a video, we offer an incredible amount of information on this website covering nearly aspect of hiring a Mobile DJ.  We're also happy to discuss your event over the phone or via an in-person meeting.  Further, we have more positive reviews than you could shake a tossing bouquet at on this website, The Knot & Wedding Wire.  From all of this you should be able to form an opinion on our services and decide if we're the right fit for you. 


The reason most potential clients give me for wanting to see a video of us is to "hear what we sound like"...well, if you must know, we sound great!  Our top DJ entertainers are Professional Radio Personalities, with 20+ years average experience!


All of this being said, we do have sound clips available for you to listen to via our Wedding Soundtrack page.  CLICK HERE to be taken to that section.


Here you may also: Meet Our DJs and hear their greeting messages.


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2. Do you have additional information you could mail us?

You should see everything you need to know about us in our website. It's certainly more detailed than any printed material could be.  If after looking through this website you still have questions, please ask.


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3. Can we come see you play at a wedding?

If you call an entertainer and ask him or her this question and they eagerly say, "Yes, come see us at Dick and Jane's wedding this weekend" and then you hire this person - you may see some uninvited guests at your reception too. Further, many function venues forbid this practice.  Not to worry, Pete Chambers DJ Entertainment will never conduct business like this on your time. 

If after viewing our professionally designed website full of our DJ philosophy and a ton of useful information (more info than you'll find on any other DJ website in the region!), talking with us over the phone to see if we are personable-knowledgeable-likeable-articulate-etc. and checking our references, you are still not convinced, then perhaps we should schedule a meeting here in our Southern New Hampshire studio to discuss your event in person.  During this meeting you're likely to pick up a few great ideas and witness first hand, our commitment to quality!   


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4. What sets you apart from DJs who just moonlight in this business?

Our Disc Jockeys - Master of Ceremonies are professionally trained and experienced Radio Personalities. No one offers better credentials or is more qualified to work for you. Would you trust your mouth to a part time dentist? Wouldn't you prefer to have the most experienced person pack your parachute? A weak DJ performance usually doesn't result in death or severe pain, but the unpleasant memories may linger with you for a long time.  As a great man was once quoted,
"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."


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5. What are the advantages of a DJ over a Band?

Don't get me wrong, Disc Jockeys love bands. They sound great on the radio and without them, what would we have to play? However, for a wedding reception, in most cases a DJ satisfies everyone's needs best.


Hiring a band is sort of like settling for only chicken for dinner.  Sure it's OK, but wouldn't you rather stroll through a 'musical buffet' with numerous 'entrees' featuring a wide range of musical 'flavors' and 'textures' to select from? 


Some advantages of a Professional DJ are:

1. You hear the songs the way you remember them, from the original artists.

2. Once we start performing, the music never stops. No band-style breaks.

3. Variety!  You're not limited to one style of music or a handful of songs. DJ's
    have music of any era/artist.  Thousands of tunes are a mouse click away!   

4. A band by its nature commands attention.  They steal the spotlight.  The
    newlyweds are no longer the center of attention.

5. Bands need more of everything...Parking, Food, Hall Space and Money!

6. You will get a more polished, smoother Master of Ceremonies performance
    from an experienced DJ, especially one who also has plenty of microphone
    training as a Professional Radio Personality.

7. Volume control.  A DJ can turn the music up or down to suit your taste.  Many
    bands are so loud that you can't even talk to the person sitting next to you.


8. If you choose a DJ company that employs high end, pro grade equipment,
    you can experience sound quality that is comparable to a live band.


9. A Pro-DJ is able to match beats, mix tempos and genres and create a musical
    flow. These smooth mixes keep the dance floor energized and hopping!


10 DJs offer fun, creativity and audience interaction in a way that a band can't! 

    These unique activities and ideas will make your day a wonderful memory. 

    DJs also offer additional services beyond the music; Dance Floor Lightshows,
    Venue Uplighting, Gobo Projections, Photo Booths, Karaoke, etc. 
    DJs can also assist you in running your wedding ceremony


* Surveys reveal that 65% of all couples that chose a band to entertain at their wedding, said that if they had it to do over again, they would have chosen a DJ.


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6. How far will you travel?

Our title is "Mobile DJ", so we will come to you no matter where your function is. Every time we "leave the barn", so to speak, it's not a matter of "if" we will travel, but simply "how far".  We have served clients from Presque Isle, Maine to Long Island, New York, so it's safe to say that we cover the Northeastern United States. 


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7. How soon should we reserve a DJ?

Whether we're talking about banquet halls, photographers or DJs, the best stuff always goes first, so to be safe it's a good idea to reserve your wedding or Mitzvah DJ about a year in advance, especially if you are looking to hire a particular individual. That being said, with our large complement of talented DJs we very seldom turn away a client due to lack of availability. Chances are good that the date you want can be accommodated.


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8. Can we select a specific DJ?

Yes you may!  If you have seen one of us in action and would prefer that DJ, we will reserve him or her for you if they are not already scheduled.  You may view our talent line-up here: 
Meet Our DJs


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9. How much do you charge?


There are several factors to consider. The most important of which is the day that you have chosen for your event.  Weekends (Friday, SATURDAY & Sunday) during the busy wedding months of May through October are prime-time for us. Weekdays are off-peak. The length of your function, location, number of sound systems and other requirements/options requested may also affect the price.  For most functions our range for DJ services falls between $1000 - 1500.  Let us know if the budget is a major factor for you, and we'll do our best to accommodate you. 


Some folks assume that by paying less, they are getting a better value.  This would be true if everything were equal.  There is a difference between 'saving money' and 'paying less'.  If you fly coach rather than first class, you will pay less, but your travel experience will be far different, to say the least.  And so it goes in the DJ biz, when you pay the economy fare, you won't be flying in the First Class section. 


Please fill out the form on our Rates page. This gives us the information we'll need to quote you an accurate price.


Why do some DJs charge less?  What's the difference?


In one word "professionalism".  Many DJs don't provide the high caliber service that we do.  It all begins with experience and talent.  Many of the lower priced DJs are beginners and most are part-time or hobbyist DJs.  They may be learning their craft at your event.  Pete Chambers DJ Entertainment provides veteran DJs, averaging 15 to 20 years of DJ experience.  You get mature, personable, professional, broadcast trained DJs, a huge selection of music, our high-end, pro-grade sound equipment and our attentive customer service and planning assistance. 


A key difference between Pete Chambers DJs and the others is our outstanding Customer service.    After you put the deposit down, you will need to forge a good working relationship with your entertainer.  Hiring a service that is easy to get a hold of (A.K.A. - a fulltime DJ service) backed up by someone with helpful ideas and creativity is a must.  Remember, the success of your party depends on the skill & know-how of your DJ entertainer. 


"The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory." - Aldo Gucci


Don't be seduced by a low price/Buyer Beware


Have you seen the pay-per-click ads in the search engines that say something like "Wedding DJ Just $595!"?  Disturbingly, when you click through to look at the website you find very little information, and sometimes the only way to contact the outfit is via an online questionnaire.  Don't even try to find a photo or name of the actual DJ, as they want to remain anonymous.  Many of these paid links are merely entertainment agents or headhunters located elsewhere in the country.  When they receive an order, they contact local DJs and offer them "peanuts" to perform.  Does that approach give you a whole lot of confidence?  If they had built a trusted reputation through the years,  they would want you to know who they are.  If the price seems to good to be true...well, you know the rest.


Here's something to think about:


"It's unwise to pay too much, but it's worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought is incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do.

The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot. It can't be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run. And if  you do that, you will have enough to pay for something better.

There is hardly anything in the world that someone can't make a little worse and sell a little cheaper - and people who consider price alone are this man's lawful prey." 

John Ruskin (1819-1900)


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10. What's the process for reserving a date?  Do we need to meet in person first? 


Since the internet arrived in the mid 1990's, we've seen the 'need to meet' drop quite a bit, as most of the pertinent information about our services can be found on our website.  Even the way we communicate and send documents has been revolutionized by email.  Fading are the days when people call us 'cold' from a yellow pages or print ad and have no idea of who we are or what we offer. 

How and when we proceed in reserving your date depends on you, as everyone has a different 'level of comfort'.  If you are pleased by what you see on this website, hear from our adoring references and learn about us in our discussion over the phone, and are satisfied that the professionalism we exhibit is right for you, then signing on the dotted line would be the next step.


If after all of this you would still like to meet with us, we'll schedule a time to sit down together to discuss our services and explore your desires further. 


Once you've decided to go with us, all we need to get the ball rolling is a retainer and a signed entertainment contract, which we will email, fax, snail mail or meet with you to sign.  

Click Here to view a Sample Contract


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11. Can you provide music for my wedding ceremony?

Absolutely! We provide a second sound system if necessary and the processionals, recessionals and even music during the ceremony from our extensive selection of classical and contemporary favorites.


Often it is difficult to hear the JP or clergy perform the service, a special reading by a friend or family member or even the bride and groom. To solve this problem a microphone may be placed where needed so that all in attendance may hear what is happening.  We can also record your ceremony to compact disc as part of our Wedding Soundtrack.


To assist you in choosing the right wedding ceremony music, we feature music clips of the most popular ceremony music selections on our Wedding Ceremony Formats page.


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12. What kind of music do you have?  What happens if there is a song we want that you don't have?

Whew! Where do I start? For dancing purposes, you can expect us to have any popular and danceable song from the last century or so. Big band, rock, pop, club, oldies, disco, country, alternative, hip hop, techno, rap, reggae, salsa, Motown...the list goes on.  We cover just about every genre of music there is. 

Background music for wedding ceremonies, social hour-cocktails, dinnertime, etc. includes a multitude of different instrumentations and textures like; piano, guitar, saxophone, light jazz, new age, classical, baroque, name it!


To answer the second question, we carry enough music to play for something like a month and a half without repeating a tune, so chances are we already have it, but if you should request a tune that we don't have, we will track it down for you.  If it's something quite unusual, most clients will own the CD or MP3 and will provide a copy to us so that we have the exact version desired.


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13. Who selects the music at my affair and do you take requests?

It's usually a combination between what you want, what your guests request and what your DJ adds to "complete the mix". To help get you organized, we will supply you with several music lists on which you may highlight your favorites, and for your convenience, we also offer a fully searchable online 60,000 song music library! 

At your event the DJ will take requests, and "read the crowd" and get a feel for what the guests will want to dance to.  Giving the audience a chance to participate is very important, however, we will filter these requests for you. If there are certain "No Play" songs on your list or if the request would not be in the function's best interest (questionable lyrical content, awkward dance beat, etc.) we will ask that your guest give us another choice.  We will do our best to keep everyone at your event happy.


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14. Is all of the music in your library listed on your website?

Absolutely not! We give you plenty to look at here, but what we show to the public on this site are the more common tunes. We realize that both clients and competitors view our site, so we're not about to give away any trade secrets here.


We offer an incredible number of musical artists from just about every genre, our own special mixes, remixes, alternate versions (studio-acoustic-live) of your favorites, etc. that make us unique. A constantly growing list of clients tell me that we have music that many other DJs aren't even aware of. I like to hear that! 


To make the planning of the music for your event fun and easy, we offer a fully searchable online music library too. 


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15. Can I supply my own CDs or MP3s for you to play?

Of course! If you have songs that are "off of the beaten path" (we don't list our entire library online) we would be happy to play your CDs or MP3s. 


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16. How many dance songs may I request?

You may choose as many songs as you'd like or you may leave the song selection up to us if you wish.  At the average wedding there is usually 2Ĺ to 3 hours of dance time.  At an average of 15 songs per hour (assuming there are no other activities to incorporate) that would translate into about 40-45 songs.  The guests will request an average of 10 songs.  Your DJ, to keep the dance floor jumping, may come up with another 10 or so to round out the mix.  We suggest that you give us a list of up to 30 songs that you would like to hear for the dancing segment of your program.  That gives us enough ammo to make sure that you are happy and enough time to satisfy the guests. 


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17. May we select the music for the introduction of the wedding party?

Most couples rely on the DJ to perform this function, but if you think you have a winner in mind, you may pick it.  All we ask is that you choose something that is easy for us to work with/talk over.  In some halls it is difficult to understand what is being said due to the acoustics of the room.  A tune where the performer raps or sings non-stop probably wouldn't function well, as it would be competing with your Master of Ceremonies for attention.  On the other hand, a peppy techno or dance instrumental with a strong beat and smooth baseline might just do the trick.


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18. Can you help me to plan my function? 


Most of our clients have never worked with a DJ before and don't know how to go about planning for the big celebration.  They are not aware of their choices and options.  Our incredible customer service is one of the big reasons that so many choose to go with Pete Chambers Entertainment.  Hiring an experienced entertainer that can offer good advice and creative ideas to help you plan your function is a big part of what we do.  You may call or email anytime or we can meet to discuss if needed. 


We can also provide function format sheets and numerous music lists to better help you organize your thoughts and we also offer some pretty snazzy online planning forms and a searchable 60,000+ music library!       


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19. Do you provide a Master of Ceremonies for our event?

This is one area that distinguishes our DJs from most others.  The microphone skills our DJs learned and polished while on the air, 4 hours a day, 5 or 6 days a week for a decade or so, are invaluable in helping us set the tone/mood you want at your function. Adding the right blend of personality and audience interaction-motivation is vital.  All this is accomplished while keeping ourselves out of the spotlight.  Anyone can claim to be an MC, but obviously the level of professionalism and ability in this very important area varies tremendously from the trained professionals to the "I just do this on weekends" part-timers.  


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20. What kind of sound systems/equipment do you use?

Our sound systems are Professional-Grade. That means no department store components, no consumer-grade gear and nothing from World War II that has duct tape holding it together.  It's reliable, well-tuned and maintained...big names like; Bose, Yamaha, Rane, QSC, Pioneer, Shure, JBL, Denon, Furman, DBX, AKG, Tascam, Mackie, Martin, Chauvet, Ultimate and more. 

Many DJs will overwhelm a room with unnecessarily large speakers, stands, trusses and boxes, loud advertising banners and other gadgets and gizmos that create an eyesore.  We on the other hand, intentionally keep our equipment array low profile.  We don't want your guests asking, "Is this a rock concert or a wedding?"  We perform at the region's finest function venues, so we realize that we need to fit in and not STAND OUT!


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21. Can you supply a light show for the dance floor?

We've made a huge investment to incorporate the latest LED technology into most of our light shows.  Advanced LED lighting effects give us complete computer control over the light show and it is simply...AWESOME!  


Our dance floor light shows liven up night time functions with lots of bouncing colors, cool patterns, flash and dazzle! We offer a large show which we usually recommend for high school dances and a smaller set-up which we suggest for private functions like; wedding receptions, bar and bat mitzvahs, etc.  A lightshow truly does add excitement to the dance floor!


Click Here for more information on our Light Shows.


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22. Do you offer Karaoke?

Yes, you may add Karaoke to our DJ show.  We will take breaks from the dance music every so often for a few Karaoke performers or you may use it as stand-alone entertainment and have a "Karaoke Party!"  


We supply an all-digital Karaoke library containing over 10,000 titles with tunes ranging from old Rock 'n Roll standards and ballads to contemporary country, rock, rap and hip hop. 


Karaoke is an appropriate add-on for Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, corporate functions, company outings, house parties and even wedding receptions!


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23. Do you offer party props?

Props can add a lot of fun to the overall party atmosphere and tend to liven up any function.  Sunglasses, hats, balloon instruments, glow sticks and the like are available upon request.  We do not normally travel with props and usually they are only requested for Bar & Bat Mitzvahs and other kids parties.  However, if requested, we can build a props package to your specifications or you may do all the legwork yourself.  To shop for props online


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24. How do the DJ's dress?

Our DJs come dressed appropriately for every occasion. If your engagement is a formal affair our DJs wear a tuxedo or suit and tie, your preference. We can dress down from that for the more casual events...cookouts, dances, pool parties, birthday parties, etc.


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25. Does the "contracted time" include equipment set up & travel?

Our rates are "all-inclusive".  Equipment set-up & tear down time, travel time to and fro, preparation time to find all of your requested songs and to make other arrangements, consultations-either in person, via email or on the phone, the actual performance time, etc. are all included in our agreed price. There are no surprises or last minute charges. 


For most functions, the time we spend preparing and retreating from the event, is longer than the event itself. 


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26. Can we purchase additional time at the end of the event?

In most cases the answer is "Yes".  Being one of New England's busiest DJ entertainment companies, Pete Chambers DJ & MC Services schedule is quite full. The safest way to insure that we cover the time you need is to carefully calculate the amount of time needed. A typical wedding reception requires at least 5 hours of coverage. This usually allows ample time for a social/arrival period, dinner, formalities and dancing. If your group is 150+ and/or you are require our services to assist in the
wedding ceremony, you may want to plan on 6 or 7 hours to be safe. 


Need help in planning out the timeline?  Please ask. We are pretty good at figuring this out. 


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27. Can you offer any tips or advice?

A few quickies come to mind...

A. For best audience interaction results, the DJ needs to be near the audience and the dance floor. Don't put your DJ up in the balcony or in another room, this doesn't work well for introductions, toasts, audience participation activities, etc. 

B. We love the old folks, but let's keep them a little further from the dance floor. They don't appreciate bass and treble the way the younger guests do.  Even soft piano background music may sometimes irritate those wearing hearing aids.  

C. Another way to insure that everyone has a good time is for the bride and groom stay involved in the festivities. When guests see the newlyweds taking part in dance floor activities it helps to motivate the guests to join in too. After all, they came to see and party with you. So please don't disappear on us or transform into a lifeless wallflower. 

D. Keep the cake close.  At wedding receptions, oftentimes the cake is across the room and around the corner at the furthest point from us. Our telescopic X-ray vision isn't what it used to be, so if you'd like us to properly officiate the cake cutting, keep it at a reasonable distance where we can see what is happening. 

While we're on the subject, if you are interested in keeping the dance floor filled, there is a better way to serve the wedding cake. Cut the cake between courses or toward the end of dinner and then serve it immediately as the final course. Cutting the cake during dinner will give the wait staff time to plate it up and serve it.  If you cut the cake and then start dancing, when the cake and coffee is finally guessed it, a majority of the guests will sit down to eat dessert, and we must start all over again at getting the dance floor moving. 

E. Get all of your photos out of the way before we start dancing. It kills the dance floor to announce that we need the entire wedding party or all members of the bride's or groom's family outside for a photo.


Speaking of wedding photographers, it's best to hire a photographer that really knows what they are doing.  Professional wedding photographers that understand what shots they need and how to set them up quickly will keep us on schedule.  This isn't always the case and has frustrated many a function coordinator. 

F. Include the DJ, photographer, videographer, wedding coordinator, etc. in your meal plan and at a table in the room. Sending your professionals to another room far, far away for dinner insures that if a Kodak moment occurs, Uncle Leo wants to propose a toast and needs a microphone, the music mysteriously dies or something else occurs that requires our attention, we will all miss it.

If your hired professionals are eating outside the room (or sometimes even in the same room), you should check with the function manager to see at what point they plan to serve them. Many halls will feed the professionals after everyone else is served. The problem here is that since the wedding party was served first, they are finished dining and ready to start the show...while your professionals are still waiting for or are just receiving their food. Solution: ask that the vendors be served right after the wedding party and family tables.   


G. If you are hiring a photographer or videographer, you should ask them how they 'work a room'.  Some will shoot the action from across the room, while others get right in the thick of things and almost become a part of the function. 


If your wedding reception is being held during the evening you might want to reconsider hiring a videographer.  Especially, if you purchase an Uplighting or Dance Floor Lighting package from us.  Videographers are OK during daytime receptions, or for recording the wedding ceremony at the church, but at night time receptions they do something that we DJs really donít like...they turn on lights!  This affects the ambience that we try to set with our mood lighting. 


I performed with one videographer who lit up the dance floor like it was daytime.  He placed a couple of very bright lights on tripod stands about 10 feet over the dance floor on both sides of my stage, completely washing out my Dance Floor Lightshow.  At another wedding two videographers with bright white LEDís on the top of each camera, followed the bride and groom around the entire night, recording their every move.  Obtrusive?    

My theory is simple...the videographer and photographer should be able to shoot what is happening, without getting in the middle things.  We shouldn't notice that they are there, and without impacting the atmosphere that we set with Uplighting, Dance Floor Lighting, etc.


A low priced alternative to hiring a videographer is our Wedding Soundtrack.

H. If your reception is being held in a facility that hosts multiple functions simultaneously, it would be a good idea to inspect for wall thickness or distance from room to room. During the quiet times of the blessing, toast or even during dinner, you would probably rather not feel the bass vibrations pounding from a function in another room. 

I. For the smoothest presentation, make sure that your photographer and/or videographer is reserved for all or most of the reception.  Occasionally, one of those vendors will approach us and say "I'm only here for another Ĺ hour, so I hope you can get all the formalities done by then."  To help them out we must then cram all of the events in quickly, rather than spacing them out properly to create a nice flow to the event. 


J.  Don't wear a watch! Relax and enjoy the affair. You have survived months of planning and have hired qualified professionals to run the event, so don't feel the need to play function manager on this special occasion. You owe it to yourself to take this time to enjoy and savor all the hard work you've put into making this day special. After the affair, look forward to the many complements you'll receive about how absolutely fabulous your event was. Thanks to your dedication, you have created special memories that will last forever. 


K. Get everything in writing!  I receive frequent phone calls from distressed brides who have received news at the last minute that their DJ is not able to make it.  Usually, these DJs were hired with a handshake, the 'ole "friend of the family" thing.  No matter how well you think you know someone, and no matter if the promised performance is for a fee or for free, always protect yourself and get a written commitment.


L.  If your function facility allows you to design the floor plan or if you're planning an at home wedding under a tent and are trying to figure out the most functional layout, keep in mind that it's a lot easier for your DJ-MC to "work the room" if you position your dance floor in the center, surrounded by the guest tables.  Keeping all of the activities "center stage" helps to keep your guests connected to the event, hear what's happening and participate.  For sound volume reasons, it's never advisable to place guest tables between the DJ's equipment and the dance floor, as in the second diagram.  At the bottom is the ideal layout.  Since I don't have a graphic artist on staff, I had my 5 year old daughter draw up the illustration below.


M.  If you're planning a backyard wedding, don't forget to reserve a dance floor.  How large depends on the size of your guest list.  The floor below measures 21' x 12' and would accommodate approximately 50 guests.  This parquet floor is typical of what is available for rent and should give you a good idea of what to expect when ordering a floor. 



N. This sounds like something that you would assume is taken care of, but make sure there's some space for the DJ and his audio gear.  Occasionally, we'll arrive at a performance location only to discover that no accommodation for the DJ has been made.  Room for speakers, subwoofers, a 4 - 6 foot table, lighting effects and more all takes space to operate properly.  Needs vary according to the complexity of that particular set-up, but at a minimum allow for at least 12 feet of frontage and 8 feet of depth.  A "buffer zone" between our speakers and your guests is a good idea. 


O. Be sure to ask your venue if they have any volume restrictions.  Occasionally, we'll have a party at a venue that has problems with a neighbor over "noise".  Rather than have your DJ "ride the brake" all night, it's best to find a venue that allows you the freedom to turn it up as needed without fear of being shut down by the police. 


P.  Don't forget your P's and Q's. While your party staff has had the pleasure of serving you in the planning and carrying out of your affair, it's always nice for them to receive a special thank you by way of an email, letter or phone call following your the event.


Q.  If you felt the service was outstanding, then tipping your professionals is appropriate.  Here is a Tipping Guide


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28. Do we need to supply anything special for you?

Our needs are very simple. In most cases a solid 6 or 8 foot banquet table and a power outlet is all we need. Just like the other tables in the room, you'll want to supply a table cloth matching your theme/decor. You can count on us not to drape any obnoxious orange banners that say "Super Jocks" or the like in front of the table. If your event is outside, we would need some sort of overhead cover. (tent, porch, garage, gazebo, etc.)  Also, for outside functions, a power outlet must be positioned at the spot where you'd like us to set up.  It's best that we don't go "Easter egg hunting" for outlets.  The power situation should be set up and tested prior to the event by whomever is in charge of this, otherwise there may have some unpleasant surprises. (like no power!)


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29. Questions to ask your venue

To avoid any confusion, it would be a good idea to quiz the hall manager:

1. SPL (Sound Pressure Level) Are there any restrictions over the volume of
     the music, perhaps from other rooms or nearby neighbors? 
2. Can rental items be delivered early and picked up the next day?
3. Can they help with decorations like centerpieces and is there a charge?
4. What type of lighting is there? Can the dance floor be darkened if needed?
5. Is security required because of alcohol and how much does it cost?
6. What time does everyone have to be out of the building?
7. Are there extra fees for cake cutting, champagne pouring and corkage?
8. Is there a secure area where gifts can be stored during the reception?
9. Is the cake table out of direct sunlight and away from heating vents?
10. Will a skirt be provided for the cake table?
11. Is a skirt provided for the gift table?  How about the DJ's table?
12. Is there a nice setting for photos?  Perhaps a garden, gazebo, balcony, etc.?
13. Does the venue provide a microphone for toasts and announcements? Pete
     Chambers DJ Services includes a professional-grade wireless microphone so
     there's no need to pay extra for the venue's microphone.
14. How soon before the event will a final count be required by the venue?
15. Are parking and shuttle services readily available?
16. If children are invited will special meals be available?
17. Is gratuity included in the total bill for bartenders and staff? If so will the 
     bartender also have a tip jar out?
18. What time is last call and when must the last dance occur?
19. If I rent my own table linens will the venue help with setup?
20. Will the dance floor need to be used during dinner for tables?
21. Are there safety requirements if candles will be used?

22. Room layout...Are all the guests seated in one room?  Distance to the
     bathrooms?  How much elbow room will there be once the room is full? 
23. Is there an in-house caterer or may I bring in my own?
24. How easy is it to access the room?  Is there an Elevator?
25. Will there be any setup and cleanup fees?


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