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Jewish DJs - Bar & Bat Mitzvah Contests & Games


Audience interaction is vital (keeping the kids busy) at a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.  Here are just a few ideas. Feel free to come up with your own.


Karaoke:  The guests become a part of the show by singing songs with the help of our video monitor and an instrumental track of their song.  As you would expect, this is a big hit with the kids! 


Huggy Bear: Play modern music for the kids. Have them dance and sing along with the song. Call out a low number (2, 3 or 4) and make the kids get into smaller groups of that amount. All the "leftover" kids or the last to get into a group are "out". 

Coke/Pepsi: Put half of the children on one side and the other half across from them. You call "Coke" one side runs to the knees of the other side, call "Pepsi" they do the same to the opposite side. "Pepsi Cola" means the sides switch names, and if you call the b/b's name then everybody freezes.

Concord NH bar bat mitzvah Jewish DJ games

Finish the Song: Divide the kids into numerous groups of whatever size. Choose two initial groups, play a song, then stop the music. The first group to recite the next five words of the song correctly stays in. Move on to two more groups. Keep playing until you have only one group left. These are the winners.

Pass the Object: When the music stops, whoever has the object being passed is out. Be creative with the music and the object.

Name that Tune: Played in groups and the kids can ask the adults for help.

Freeze Contest: When the music stops the kids freeze.

Review #2: "Thank you so much for being such a terrific DJ at both our children's Mitzvahs. You were so easy to work with, from the first phone call inquiring about your services, to the last moment of the party! Your calm and easy-going manner really helped while planning a big event. Also, your "Fun & Games Lady" did a great job getting all the kids up and dancing and having so much fun! You were also very sensitive to the needs of the adults, keeping the kids busy and entertained during the cocktail hour and keeping the music quieter and calmer for the adults at dinner time. Overall, a terrific job!! Thanks again."
The Naimark Family
                                                                                Rye, NH

Multiplication: B/B child picks partners, they pick two partners, who pick four partners, who pick eight partners etc.


Putting Green:  Children putt a golf ball into the cup to win prizes. 


Guessing Game:  Nice, quiet dinnertime activity.  Everyone writes down their guess as to how many jelly beans are in the jar. 


Limbo Contest: Kids limbo under the limbo bar.


Want to liven up the event with some party props & prizes? 

Just ask & then relax.  We can do all the legwork for you!

Manchester NH bar bat mitzvah Jewish dj entertainers


Guest of Honor Trivia:  This is a great way to put your child in the spotlight.  Simply come up with a handful of questions about your child.  Favorite movie, favorite hobby, favorite snack...that sort of thing.  We'll give out prizes to those who have the correct answer.  We can play this game all the way through, popping a few questions every hour.  Immediate family not eligible to win. ;-)  


Manchester NH bar bat mitzvah Jewish dj entertainers

Dance Contest: The Twist, Jitterbug, Rap, Marathon, Modern, Shout,  Hokey Pokey, Swing, etc.


Limbo: Forming a line - How low can you go? Until the last person is standing.

Lip Synch/Karaoke: How well can you mimic your favorite songs?

Mummy Wrap: Young adults are split into two teams, choosing a member from each team to be wrapped in toilet paper. This is a contest with props.


It's the hit of the party!  Ask us to bring a Photo Booth

Manchester NH bar bat mitzvah Jewish dj entertainers


The Great Treasure Hunt:  A combination of musical chairs and a scavenger hunt


Simon Says: Our fun and silly commands make this an old favorite! 

The Hora: A traditional dance where everyone joins in a circle dance for the guest of honor.


"Pete was wonderful!  I was a little overwhelmed with all the planning, but he never lost his patience with my being so scattered. His professionalism and quality of service at Jacob's Bar Mitzvah was second to none!  Everyone young and old had a blast! Thanks Pete."

                                                                                 Jen Hunt

                                                                          Goffstown, NH

Hula Hoops: The young adults are split into teams, the last team with the hula still spinning wins.


Special Dances: Electric Slide, Cha Cha Slide, Harlem Shake, YMCA, Conga, Chicken Dance, Boot Scootin' Boogie, Locomotion, Macarena, Hokey Pokey, Cotton-Eye Joe, Cupid Shuffle, The Wobble, etc.


Need help planning your Mitzvah?  Click Here for our Planning Guide.


Exeter NH bar bat mitzvah Jewish DJ games





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