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Jewish DJs - Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah DJ Entertainment


The Historical Perspective
Shalom!  By the age of twelve, many Jewish boys & girls are busy studying Jewish law. At the age of thirteen (sometimes different for girls), these same youth have an opportunity to formally become part of a religious society and an adult responsible to observe religious law with the rest of their community. Their entry ceremony (Bar Mitzvah for boys, Bat or Bas Mitzvah for girls) is often, but not always, held on the Sabbath shortly after their 13th birthday.


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A Bar-Bat Mitzvah celebration (Simcha) often follows the successful completion of the formal religious ceremony where the newly responsible Jewish boy or girl leads a worship service of their congregation by reading or chanting from prescribed passages in the Torah and the Prophets. This declares the individual to be a formal and legal adult within this community. The occasion is truly a celebration of family and friends. It might also offer some families the opportunity to take an extended family retreat in Israel.

Bar & Bat Mitzvah Party Entertainment Seasoned To Your Taste
Similar to wedding receptions, there is no "one right way" to provide entertainment at a Bar-Bat Mitzvah party.  Entertainment presentation styles, timelines, games and activities, and optional items like lighting packages, props, etc. can vary greatly from party to party, based on client preferences and budget. 


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Too Little...Not just any DJ is qualified to be a Mitzvah Entertainer.  A "general purpose DJ', comfortable at a backyard barbeque, nightclub or school dance probably won't have the polished interactive MC skills and knowledge of Jewish protocol necessary to run a Mitzvah properly. 

Too Much...Some mobile entertainers provide what we refer to as the "New York Style" of Bar-Bat Mitzvah party.  It's a big budget production that is an ear-piercing, bright, spectacular show that may rival a Las Vegas performance.  It attempts to top any previous function of its type.  They bring anboston wellesley MA bar bat mitzvah dj entertainers entourage of MCs, DJs, entertainers and dancers, and a lot of equipment including a very loud sound system and a blow your socks off light show, among other items.  The MC talks or shouts a lot, trying to encourage participation.  This style of  "over the top" presentation (not to mention the price tag for all of this) is a bit overwhelming for many people.  This isn't our style either.

boston MA bar bat mitzvah jewish dj entertainers

Just Right...Preferred by the Bar-Bat Mitzvah party clients that reserve the services of Pete Chambers DJ Entertainment, is a presentation style that creates a memorable celebration without what some people refer to as the "excessive extras". We provide a fun party atmosphere, lots of interactive games, activities and prizes, selected Jewish formalities and hours of great music presented on a high quality, professional-grade sound system at an appropriate volume level.  Our Guest of Honor is kept in the spotlight and your family and guests won't feel overwhelmed or taunted to participate by an over-exuberant MC.  Relax...We're your Bar & Bat Mitzvah specialists!


"I was extremely happy with Pete Chambers Entertainment from our first conversation.  Pete understood exactly what I was looking for- a super fun Bat Mitzvah party for our girls that could also be enjoyable for the adults including our friends and relatives of all ages.  He came up with a schedule of events that was perfect in every way from the range of songs to the range of activities that the kids loved.  Pete brought two party motivators who got the dancing started and kept the party going all evening.  My girls said their Bat Mitzvah party was better than they dreamed it would be and Pete Chambers was at the heart of the success of this wonderful event."

The Siegel Family
Yarmouth, Maine


Our Bar-Bat Mitzvah success secret here at Pete Chambers DJ Entertainment is very simple...we treat your child like they are the most important person in the world.  Mazel Tov! 



Popular Timeline: Cocktails-hors d'ouevres, Games-dancing for kids, Guests enter, Grand entrance of Family & Bar-Bat Mitzvah Star, Motzi, Toast, Candle lighting ceremony, Dinner, Games or dancing for kids, Mother-Son or Father-Daughter dance, Hora, Games and dancing continue and then the Last dance.

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What is the Havdalah?

Also spelled Habdalah or Havdala, is a Jewish ceremony that formally concludes the Shabbat (weekly day of rest) and Yom Tov (Jewish holidays). According to Judaism, the Shabbat ends (and the new week begins) at nightfall, and not at midnight. Therefore, Havdalah is made as soon as three stars are visible in the night sky.

Havdalah is recited over wine or grape juice. On completion of the Shabbat, a candle with more than one wick is used, and spices to commemorate the departure of the "added soul" of the day. On Yom Kippur, a candle is used but not spices.

When the blessing is made on the candles, the custom is to look at their fingernails in the light of the candle, this is done because the candles has to be bright enough to be able to distinguish different currencies by its light, and if one is able to distinguish between ones nails and flesh, one knows that the flame is big enough.

At the conclusion of Havdalah, the candle is extinguished in the leftover wine to demonstrate that this candle was lit solely for the mitzvah of havdalah.


Games, Dances & Extras: Favorite games include Coke & Pepsi, Musical Chairs and Trivia Games. Popular audience participation dances include the Cha Cha Slide, Electric Slide, Conga Lines, YMCA & Chicken Dance.  Popular extras include nightclub-style light shows, props and Karaoke.   For more Click Here


"Thank you, thank you, and thank you!  The kids had such a great time!  You did such a good job keeping the kids into the party."


                                                                    Aileen Tabachnick

                                                                       Portland, Maine


"Thank you for the wonderful music and entertainment at Sam's Bar Mitzvah. It was so nice how you took our personal desires into account and customized our party just for us! We had used a well known and expensive Boston group for our two oldest daughters' Bat Mitzvahs, but found that you paid much more attention to the detail in both organizing and providing the entertainment for our party. Thanks again for a great day!"


Dr. Cindy & Dr. David Cooper
Durham, NH


Boston bar bat mitzvah DJ entertainment

"You did a fantastic job at Logan's Bat Mitzvah at the Wentworth. It was a fun, high energy party. The DJ makes it or breaks it and you made it great!"


Melanie Levitt
Jackson, NH

Our Philosophy: "Bar & Bat Mitzvah parties are becoming less formal with more emphasis on having FUN!  Mom & Dad will be happy to know that the music we play is "Sanitized For Their Protection", as we only play the clean edits of your child's favorite songs, never any explicit lyrics.  It is very important that all songs be played at a reasonable volume so adults can enjoy their conversations. Games need to be simple, and there should be lots of easy audience participation dances for kids and adults to enjoy. We make the Guest of Honor and his/her family members the REAL STARS OF THE SHOW." 


gloucester beverly MA bar bat mitzvah Jewish DJ dancing
Cammy Kahan's Bat Mitzvah at Wentworth By The Sea


"Everyone had a blast!! Laney's friends are still raving about the party. The music was excellent!! Pete you were a pleasure to work with throughout the process, from the first call to get information to the end of the event! Thanks again for a GREAT evening."


The Naimark Family
Rye, NH


Need help planning your Mitzvah?  Click Here for our Planning Guide.


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